The policy of our agency.

General provisions.

The policy of our agency is a constant striving for continuous improvement of its activities and introducing the practice of high-quality, safe and efficient work, with strict enforcement of national and international legislation.
The Agency strives to achieve high results in its activities to provide the customer with a quality service.
Hereby, the agency declares its readiness to strictly enforce the requirements:
- legislation of Ukraine;
- the International Safety Management Code (ISM Code);
- international standards ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14001-2004;
- national and international regulations and instructions in the field of maritime law;
- International Maritime Organization (IMO);
- maritime legislation of the port of registration of the vessel;
- marine classification societies;
- International Shipowners Association;
- other organizations of the marine industry.


The main goal of the agency is to satisfy customers by providing service for the selection of qualified marine specialists, repairmen, their hire on behalf and on behalf of shipowners.
Presenting specialists to the international maritime labor market, the company guarantees that the candidates will be acquainted with the requirements of the relevant regulatory documents on the maintenance and servicing of the vessel in an appropriate manner.

Suggested specialists:
- have the appropriate qualifications, confirmed by certificates in accordance with the requirements of the Convention of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) MLC 2006, including amendments from 2010;
- suitable for health reasons for work on ships;
- well trained and experienced enough to work on a designated ship;
- have the necessary level of knowledge of the English language;
- are familiar with and follow the anti-alcohol and anti-drug policies.
And it provides:
- safe and efficient operation of the vessel;
- work without injuries and loss of life of staff;
- environmental protection;
- compliance with all national and international rules and requirements;
- preparation for correct and optimal actions in an emergency and critical situation.

Policy agency.

- The Agency guarantees, when forming the crews of the customer's ships, strictly follow the requirements of ISO 9001-2008;
- The Agency guarantees fulfillment of the requirements of the implemented Quality Management System;
- The Agency conducts its activities in such a way that the quality objectives, established on the basis of the results of the annual review and monitoring Quality Management Systems have been achieved;
- The philosophy of every employee of the company - continuous improvement of efficiency Quality Management Systems, customer satisfaction and concern for the credibility of the company.
- The Agency guarantees the provision of qualified and disciplined marine professionals, from a medical point of view,suitable for operation and ensuring safe operation and ship management and environmental protection;
- The Agency guarantees that the specialists provided to the customer will use safe methods and methods of work aimed at eliminating the occurrence of dangerous situations, incidents and accidents, preventing damage to or loss of ownership of the shipowner or causing damage to the environment;
The agency participates only in safe and lawful actions.
- The Agency requires each member of the crew to strictly comply with the requirements of anti-alcohol and anti-drug legislation, clarifies the inadmissibility of any attempt to carry on the ship and the transport of alcohol and drugs and the responsibility for such actions;
- All specialists, before sending to the customer's ships, without fail, undergo an anti-alcohol and anti-narcological examination and receive appropriate certificates.

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